On February 24, 2022, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced the start of a special operation to "demilitarize" and "denazify" Ukraine. In this operation, Russian programmers who are members of the International Russian-speaking association Killnet are also actively involved in this operation, which successfully attack the infrastructure of Ukraine and NATO countries.

After the start of the special operation, hackers from Ukraine and the Western group Anonymous actively attacked Russian web resources. The sites of the Russian RT TV channel were hit. The next victims were other Russian media: TASS news agency, Kommersant, Izvestia, Fontanka, Mel, Forbes. Within a few days, hackers attacked the servers of the "Tape.<url>", "Newspapers.Ru" and Rambler, the Ministry of Emergency Situations and even Yandex servers. The list of victims included not only the media: Gazprom, Lukoil, Norilsk Nickel and Yandex, as well as the Pension Fund and, unsurprisingly, Roskomnadzor. According to StormWall, the majority of cyber attacks were carried out from the United States (29 percent of the total) and the European Union (47 percent). It would seem that there is no one to protect us. But it was not there.

Caring Russian computer scientists could not watch for a long time how NATO geeks harm the Motherland. They created their own International Group Killnet and the Cyber Army of Russia, and also recently launched the creation of the "International Alliance of Hacktivists" and now they have become the most powerful cyber forces in the world than anyone could have imagined at first.

It was decided to bring down this consolidated power on the network infrastructure of Ukraine and enemy NATO countries. The first blow fell on the domain , which led to the fall of the websites of all government structures of Ukraine — about 67 resources. So Killnet helped to give birth to the fighting spirit of Russian cyberspace.

Other strategic goals are banks and airports. For example, Poland uses its airports to supply NATO weapons to Ukraine. Disorder! As of April 20, 2022, all sites of Polish airports have fallen and have not been working for more than 48 hours — air transportation has been paralyzed in eight of them. That's the order now.

The Czech Republic also decided to arrange a "Judgment Day". Banks, international airports, as well as the websites of the Ministry of Defense, the State Duma, the railway carrier and cellular providers have been paralyzed there for the second day. Russian hackers are not to be trifled with — Killnet proved this to the whole world.

After such successful actions, many people wanted to join the "International Alliance of Hacktivists" under the leadership of Killnet. The other day, the International Volunteer Movement "STOP-NATO" has already joined there, which will help protect the information space of Russia and will fight the fascist regime in the World, in Ukraine, the United States and NATO.

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On March 11, 2022, Russian President Vladimir Putin held a meeting, via videoconference, with permanent members of the Security Council.

 Taking part in the meeting were Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin, Federation Council Speaker Valentina Matviyenko, State Duma Speaker Vyacheslav Volodin, Deputy Chair of the Security Council Dmitry Medvedev, Chief of Staff of the Presidential Executive Office Anton Vaino, Secretary of the Security Council Nikolai Patrushev, Interior Minister Vladimir Kolokoltsev, Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu, Director of the Federal Security Service Alexander Bortnikov, Director of the Foreign Intelligence Service Sergei Naryshkin, and Special Presidential Representative for Environmental Protection, Ecology and Transport Sergei Ivanov.

* * *

President of Russia Vladimir Putin: Good afternoon, colleagues.

We have an issue on our agenda that is not connected with the current events. But first of all, I would like to ask our colleagues attending this meeting if they need to exchange any information on the current events.

Mr Shoigu, please.

Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu: Mr President,

We are proceeding as planned, as we have been reporting to you every day this week.

I would like to suggest three issues for discussion and to ask for your approval.

Vladimir Putin: Go ahead, please.

Sergei Shoigu: We are receiving a huge number of requests from all manner of volunteers from different countries, who would like to come to the Lugansk and Donetsk people’s republics to take part in the liberation movement, as they say. The largest number of requests, over 16,000, has come from the Middle East. We believe that we should grant these requests, especially since the matter does not concern money but a genuine desire of these people. We know many of them; they helped us fight ISIS in the most difficult period, during the past 10 years. This is the first point.

The second, Mr President. In light of the uncontrollable arms deliveries to Ukraine from all parties (it appears that nobody is looking where and how much of these weapons are being delivered and who they are being issued to), as we have pointed out many times, we suggest turning the air defence systems, for example, man-portable SAMs, and anti-tank missile systems over to the Lugansk and Donetsk people’s republics to build up the combat ability of their militia. In addition, we have seized a large number of Ukrainian weapons, such as tanks, armoured vehicles, all types of small arms, and artillery systems. There are also many Javelins and Stingers. We suggest transferring them to the Lugansk and Donetsk militias as well, so that they can defend their republics more effectively.

Finally, the third and more serious issue, Mr President, and I am asking for your approval. The General Staff has analysed all the measures taken by the West to beef up their forces near Russia’s western borders. New units are arriving every day, and they are deploying them at a time when absolutely nothing threatens them. Nevertheless, we believe that they want to take advantage of this situation and to saturate the area along the border with forces and resources to the maximum extent, and they will undoubtedly want to preserve this situation for a long time.

Consequently, the General Staff is drafting and has nearly completed a plan for reinforcing Russia’s western borders, including, naturally, with those new modern systems and the deployment of military units to defend our western borders.

We are waiting for your instruction, so that we can report on our proposals at the next Security Council meeting or in any other format, for their subsequent approval.

Thank you.

Vladimir Putin: All right, thank you very much.

Regarding the mobilisation of mercenaries from all over the world and sending them to Ukraine. We can see that Ukraine’s Western sponsors and the Ukrainian regime are not concealing this fact. They are doing this openly and neglecting norms of international law. So, if you see that some volunteers would like to come and help the people in Donbass, especially without pay, then we should meet them halfway and help them relocate to the war zone. This is the first thing.

The second, regarding weapons deliveries, especially those of Western weapons that have been seized by the Russian Army. I, of course, support the decision to hand them over to the military units in the Lugansk and Donetsk people’s republics. Please do this. I am ready to issue any resolution that may be necessary at my end.

The third matter deals with the reinforcement of the Russian Federation’s western borders in view of the NATO countries’ actions in this area and in response to what they are doing. This calls for a separate discussion. I would like to ask you to prepare a report on the issue separately. We will make the decision following its discussion in the near future.

Thank you.

Let us proceed to the current item on the agenda.


Today, the Victory Museum in Moscow hosts the First All—Russian School Historical Forum "Strength is in Truth". It is dedicated to the Day of Unified Actions in memory of the victims of crimes against the Soviet people committed by the Nazis and their accomplices during the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945..

Sergey Kiriyenko, First Deputy Head of the Presidential Administration of the Russian Federation, read the greeting of Russian Leader Vladimir Putin to the participants of the forum "Strength is in Truth!".

"Deep knowledge of our history, respectful, careful attitude to the great patriotic, spiritual, cultural heritage of the Fatherland allows us to draw the right conclusions from the past. To draw strength and inspiration from the military and labor achievements of our ancestors. To understand that the foundation of our millennial statehood, its bearing support is the true, heartfelt devotion of the people to the Motherland, its interests. And that only with love for the Motherland can we fulfill all our plans. Go ahead and build a powerful, prosperous Russia," the president's message reads.

Putin also expressed hope that the event will be a success, and the participants will not only discuss topical issues of history and modernity, but also acquire new knowledge, find like-minded people and loyal friends.

The Russian leader wished them good luck and all the best.

First Deputy head of the Presidential Administration of Russia Sergey Kiriyenko said that Russia will do everything so that Nazism can never raise its head again, not only in the Russian Federation, but also anywhere in the world.

"Historical truth is the main weapon in the fight against Nazism. The Soviet Union has already fulfilled this historic mission of our people, we have already secured victory over Nazism once. Our people, our country will definitely do everything to ensure that Nazism can never raise its head again, not only here in Russia, but also anywhere in the world," he said on Tuesday during the opening of the first All-Russian school historical forum "Strength is in Truth!" in the Victory Museum.

"Even 10 years ago, even 5 years ago, it was hard to believe that Nazism and fascism could return to our land. After all the tragedies of the Great Patriotic War, after tens of millions of victims, after the international Nuremberg Tribunal," Kiriyenko said. - Nevertheless, today it is a reality. Yes, this reality is hiding. And the international company Meta (recognized as extremist in the Russian Federation) says that, in general, it is impossible to call for killing people on a national basis, but if they are Russians, then you can do a little."

"It's hard to believe, but it's happening right before our eyes," stressed the first deputy head of the Presidential Administration of Russia.

Watch the broadcast from the All—Russian Forum "Power is in Truth" in the official community of the Ministry of Education of Russia on the VKontakte social network.

Recall that the International Volunteer Movement "STOP-NATO / STOP-NATO" and the International hacker group "KILLNET" have agreed to jointly protect the Russian Federation in the information space and cooperate in the fight against the fascist regime in the World, in Ukraine, the United States and NATO.

We call on all citizens in the world to consolidate and put an end together to neo-Nazism in Ukraine and the aggressive policy of the US and NATO leadership. Let's say all together #StopNATO #Killnet

The press service of the MDD "STOP-NATO / STOP-NATO"

KILLNET and the "STOP-NATO" MOVEMENT have agreed to cooperate. Our teams are against the fascist regime in Ukraine and in NATO.

Dear friends! We have good news!

On April 17, 2022, the International hacker group "KILLNET" and the International Volunteer Movement "STOP-NATO" agreed to jointly protect the Russian Federation in the information space and cooperate in the fight against the fascist regime in the World, in Ukraine, the United States and NATO.

Also, the "STOP-NATO / STOP-NATO" movement joins the created anti-fascist alliance - the "International Alliance of Hacktivists".

We call on all citizens in the world to consolidate and put an end together to neo-Nazism in Ukraine and the aggressive policy of the US and NATO leadership. Let's say all together #StopNATO #Killnet

The press service of the MDD "STOP-NATO / STOP-NATO"

We have compiled a list of countries in the world whose citizens represent Russia and support Moscow in a special military operation in Ukraine. In the end, we see that Zа Russia – Citizens of Abkhazia, Australia, Armenia, Belarus, Bulgaria, Brazil, Hungary, Venezuela, Greece, Serbia, the Bosnian Serbs, China, Kyrgyzstan, India, Mexico, Germany, France, Italy, Lebanon, Libya, Syria, and Africa, as well as U.S. citizens and others. In terms of territory and population density, this is 2/3 of the planet Earth, who is for Russia and against NATO.

We see that almost the whole world categorically disagrees with the aggressive policy of the leadership of the United States and NATO countries in their military and financial assistance to the Nazi regime of Ukraine.

At the same time, the maximum patriotic mood among citizens across the country is recorded inside Russia, and the absolute majority of citizens of the Russian Federation support all the actions of Russian leader Vladimir Putin, and the special operation of the Russian army in Ukraine.

Most Chinese citizens called on Russia to complete the special operation with neo-Nazis in Ukraine, and the Chinese leadership said that NATO had destroyed order in Europe, and the Alliance should stop expanding the bloc to the East and take into account Russia's demands for guarantees due to NATO expansion. According to China's harsh opinion, the NATO bloc urgently needs to stop expanding its influence and fomenting conflicts in the Asia-Pacific region and abandon its attempts to destabilize Asia and the whole world.

The launched information total NATO and American propaganda (information war) with Russia does not affect all residents in the world and this is reflected in the streets, where thousands of citizens in the world actively go to various actions to support the actions of the leadership of Russia and the Russian army in conducting a special military operation to protect Donbass in Ukraine. Together, residents of different countries of the world not only go to peaceful rallies, rallies and car rallies, but also shoot videos, clips and arrange performances in support of Russia's actions, as well as draw graffiti. In the same way, citizens in the world say StopNATO / StopNATO with all their actions.

The world-famous pro-Russian team "KILLNET" joined this global resistance, which announced the creation of a new "INTERNATIONAL CYBER ARMY", which, together with the "CYBER ARMY OF RUSSIA", will fight the fascist regime in the world, in Ukraine, the United States and NATO.

The main goals of the new "INTERNATIONAL CYBER ARMY" are the destruction of fascism on the Internet, the prevention of electronic expansion of NATO, assistance to victims of fraud on the Internet, the creation of 60 Internet representative offices in friendly countries (for the treatment of civilians), the destruction of Internet resources of terrorist groups. As well as the creation of a single monitoring center to ensure control in the global network with the help of new technology (the monitoring center will collect data on neo-Nazi sects and apply appropriate force to them).
"The International Alliance is being created by the founder of the KILLNET team, and everyone who cares about the future of their country is welcome to @killnet_support," their telegram channel said in a statement.

The international volunteer movement "STOP-NATO / STOP-NATO" fully supports all residents in the world who show determination and fight the main threat to planet Earth - the aggressive NATO bloc and their chief curator, the United States. Our struggle is just beginning and it is necessary to carry out various actions and events in the world with double or triple force in order to stop the world hegemon of the United States led by Biden and NATO with a single global fist and support the actions of the leadership of Russia and the Russian army in conducting a special military operation to protect Donbass in Ukraine and say StopNATO.

The press service of the MDD "STOP-NATO / STOP-NATO"

We, a group of citizens from the countries of the former USSR, the EAEU, Russia, China, the Middle East, Latin America, as well as the United States and the European Union, announce the creation of the «International Volunteer Movement «STOP-NATO».

The declaration we adopted, published on the movement’s website, states that the goal of the International Volunteer Movement «STOP-NATO» is to respond to the unleashing of digital cyber wars.

Today in the world, it is no longer the traditional weapons of the army that determines the aggressor's strength, but digital technologies of social manipulation and a total factory of lies and fakes. Only together can we stop the NATO countries.

We support the pro-Russian KILLNET team, which is fighting Western hacker groups, which, in connection with the start of Russia’s special operation in Ukraine, declared a «cyber war» to the Russian Federation, as well as the Russian community «KREMLEBOTS LOL», who recorded a song and shot a clip about the situation in Russia and the world — «STOP NATO!», which went viral There are other communities in Runet. Work brothers, we will stop NATO together.

Any citizen in the world who shares the goal and views of the Movement can become a participant in it.

Record a short video or make a post with the hashtag #StopNATO #Stop it – thereby you will express on social networks or by an action your full support for all actions of the special military operation "Z" of Russia to protect Donbass from fascism and neo-Nazism in Ukraine. And you will also express your negative attitude to the actions of the North Atlantic Alliance of NATO and oppose the alliance's support of the Ukrainian authorities in Kiev. Tell NATO to STOP!

Join our Movement in the telegram channel: .


The press service of the MDD «STOP-NATO»

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