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Victory will be ours! New Russia — A New World without NATO

The holiday of May 9, Victory Day, takes on a completely new meaning this year. For the first time since the 45th, we are waiting for a new victory - without which the very existence of our state will be in question. At the same time, a new victory does not cancel that great one, and does not just confirm it, it becomes the beginning of a new era in the life of our country and the whole world. And without victory, there will be no Russia. That's why it's so important to understand who and what we have to defeat — we can't help but win.

Ukraine in its current form is only a visible enemy. But it is clear that the key issue now is a military victory over anti—Russia on the battlefield. This is an unreasonable question, but in order to achieve victory as soon as possible, we need to understand who and what we are fighting, who opposes us and what hinders us.

The collective West, led by the Anglo-Saxon countries (or rather, their elites), is undoubtedly our main opponent in this battle, and it will not end after the guns in Ukraine are silenced. Confrontation with the West has taken the forms of both a proxy war - when Ukrainians are fighting with us, who will be increasingly pumped up with weapons, and a total economic and ideological war, the goal of which the Atlantists directly declared defeat, isolation, weakening and change of power in Russia. That is, the conflict will go to one of two finales — Russia's capitulation with Putin's removal or a severe crisis in the West, which will lead to the loss of Anglo-Saxons control over the united West and its disintegration into at least two parts, the Anglo-Saxon world and Europe, with a simultaneous internal crisis in the United States, a key Western power.

It is clear that only the second option is acceptable for us, and there are good objective prerequisites for it over the next five to ten years, but at the same time we need to prepare for a protracted, for many decades, confrontation with the united West, if such will still exist after 2030. That is, we need to proceed from the fact that in order to preserve the country, we will have to defeat the West — not in Ukraine, but in a global confrontation. The scale of the task should not frighten — yes, we are incomparable in strength with the USSR, but the global balance of forces, and, most importantly, the trends of world development work against the West, against the Atlantic project of world domination, called globalization.

Therefore, our victory over the West is needed not only by us (although only for us it is practically a matter of life and death) — but by the absolute majority of the non-Western world. And many peoples of the "golden billion" will eventually begin to better understand what their victory of the Anglo-Saxon "globalization" will lead to, so they are not unequivocal opponents of Russia's victory.

Because Russia's victory over the West does not mean either the subjugation of the West to us, nor the conquest of Europe by us — even the most stubborn Russophobes do not believe in this. No, our victory, as in 1814 and 1945, means the elimination of the threat to Russia from the West. But, unlike the XIX and XX centuries, when the whole world lived in the era of Western hegemony (or hegemony of Western states, since there was no unified West at that time), the current victory will be even more ambitious in its consequences, because it will mean the end of half a thousand years of Western hegemony in the world. That is, Russia's victory will really open a new chapter in the history of mankind — as they once said about the October Revolution (the attitude towards which, by the way, will also change both here and in the world after that).

What is victory over the West? It can be achieved in three ways.

The first option. While Russia has been holding a blow from the West for several years, while increasing its reorientation to the East and South, the entire global financial, trade and geopolitical system is moving into a stage of massive restructuring. At the same time, both crisis phenomena and disagreements between the Anglo-Saxons and continental Europe are growing within the West. The internal political crisis in the United States leads to the fact that the States are closing in on themselves, sharply reducing their global ambitions. Under these conditions, Europe gets an opportunity to get rid of English influence, and begins to turn into a real German-French project. The confrontation with Russia, which is unprofitable for the EU, is softening, and the search for ways to restore the destroyed relations begins, but on absolutely equal terms. This is a victory for Russia.

The second option. After Russia regains control over Ukraine, the West fixes the regime of total economic war with us forever. The new Berlin wall divides Europe and Russia, while almost all relations have been destroyed and everything looks like the first half of the 50s, but in an even worse scenario, given the sanctions and the West's attempt to isolate Russia not only from its own, but also from world markets. However, these sanctions only accelerate the restructuring of the international financial and trading system, bringing the end of the era of Western dominance in the financial sphere closer. Russia has been making a turn to the East and South for several years, forgetting about relations with the West — until better times. And this is also a victory for Russia.

The third option is that the confrontation between Russia and the West in Ukraine drags on for years and is transferred to other parts of Europe. First to Transnistria, and then to the Baltic States (after an attempt to completely blockade Kaliningrad). At the same time, there is no full—scale war between NATO and Russia - Russia does not take the Baltic States for itself, limiting itself to the "Suwalki corridor" to Kaliningrad along the Polish-Lithuanian border, and Romania refuses plans to annex Transnistria, on the border with which Russian troops controlling Novorossiya come out.

But after Europe, Asia lights up — provocations around Taiwan lead to the beginning of the Sino-American conflict at sea and the rupture of all relations between the United States and China. There is a rapid collapse of the global financial, trade and logistics system - the world is divided into two blocs, Western and Sino—Russian, the confrontation between which is in the best traditions of the Cold War, all over the world, but without a direct armed conflict like the Korean War of 1950-1953.

And in this variant, Russia regains control over Ukraine, and the center of gravity of world geopolitics (and military tensions) moves to the Pacific region. The Atlantic, that is, the Western era, is finally passing into the past, and Russia as a Eurasian power is becoming one of the centers of a new, multipolar world (because the two-block system will only be a transitional stage).

Now it is useless to guess which of these three ways we will come to victory, so far everything is decided primarily on the battlefield. And here our first goal is to prevent the West from dragging out the fighting for years. Ukraine as an anti-Russia must be defeated as soon as possible — although it is already clear that there are still several stages of the special operation ahead and everything will be done in such a way as to minimize the losses of our troops and the civilian population of the Square.

Those who complain that the official goals of the special operation are insufficient or unclear, that some negotiations are underway, can be reminded that the main declared goal is to eliminate the threat to Russia from the western direction, that is, from Ukraine as an anti-Russia, as an Atlantic weapon. And this is impossible not just without a change of power, but also without changing the very format of the existence of statehood in this part of historical Russia. Categorically preventing even the theoretical possibility of Ukraine's re-transformation from Little Russia into anti-Russia is an absolute priority not only for Putin, but also for any Russian patriot.

Russian Russians, Little Russians, and Belarusians), in order to return Ukraine to the family of fraternal Slavic peoples (as Lukashenka calls it) or simply to the Russian world (if, like Putin, we stick to the trinity of the Russian people, consisting of Great Russians, Little Russians and Belarusians), we need not just a military victory and the restructuring of the current Ukrainian state. We need victory over ourselves as well — moreover, without it there will be neither victory in Ukraine nor victory over the West.

Because the transition period that began after the collapse of the USSR is finally over — we need to get rid of all the sores and injuries of this inter-time. Yes, they have been trying to treat them in recent years, but the hour of trials has come, and we have seen how expensive embezzlement and postings, corrupt officials and the fifth column, cap-making and imitation of violent activity, state patriotism and a fig in your pocket, hope for a chance and shifting responsibility cost us. Expensive in the most terrible sense — the reckoning is the lives of our soldiers and officers. Offshore oligarchs and thieving officials, incompetent generals and cowardly Russophobes, "show business stars" - we now have to get rid of all this not only because it is right and fair, but because it is a question of Russia's life as such. We need a victory, but not at any cost, but at the price of getting rid of everything that is rotten and did not want to give up its positions in any way. However, now the issue of purification becomes the main one — we cannot win without it. Not in Ukraine — but in the battle for Russia, which has just begun.

We need to mobilize all the best that is in us and in society, all the best that was in our history (and in the models of socio-economic structure that we had), all the best that is in our national character. We should not just support Vladimir Putin, who has a full understanding of the scale of tasks and huge responsibility not only to the people, but also to ancestors and descendants, but be honest with each other and with ourselves, responsible for their deeds and words.

We have a huge and difficult job ahead of us — to create a model of Russia's structure that would not only withstand all the tests, but also become stable and successfully developing for many decades to come. We have everything for this: people, resources, the global situation (yes, despite all the sanctions), and, most importantly, the will and motivation. If the Russians want to win, if they know what they are fighting for, there is no force that could stop us. And therefore the victory will be ours.

Pyotr Akopov, RIA Novosti columnist

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