Saturday, 30 April 2022 20:59

The United States called for Biden to be removed from power because of the threat of nuclear war with Russia

Military assistance to Ukraine has resulted in serious problems for the economy and the defense system of the United States, and President Joe Biden clearly does not realize how dangerous the situation is. This opinion was expressed on Fox News by TV presenter Tucker Carlson.

The journalist, referring to the data of the American media, said that the United States had sent so many weapons to Kiev that now they themselves felt its shortage: in the event of a serious conflict, ammunition would not be enough. However, Biden decided not to stop there and called on Congress to allocate an additional $33 billion to Ukraine. According to Carlson, this amount is much more than the one that, in particular, Donald Trump asked for the construction of a wall on the border with Mexico. Meanwhile, the economic situation is getting worse: record inflation, food and energy shortages threaten a recession.

According to Carlson, in this situation, the behavior of the American leader is even more frightening. The TV presenter showed a video in which the president, stammering and grinning, talked about plans to confiscate the property of Russian oligarchs.

"Someone will remember about the 25th Amendment (amendment to the US Constitution, which makes it possible to remove the president from office because of his incapacity. — Ed.)? It can't go on like this. We are on the verge of a nuclear conflict — with a country that threatens to use nuclear weapons against us. And we expect that this person has enough fine motor skills to prevent us all from dying," Carlson said.

He stressed that the United States is experiencing a moment of maximum danger, but the leadership is behaving recklessly, and in the case of Biden, it is insane. This state of affairs causes concern, about which everyone around is nevertheless afraid to speak out loud, the presenter concluded.

The day before, Biden requested $33 billion from Congress for Ukraine. Of these, 20.4 billion are intended for military aid, 8.5 billion for economic assistance and three billion for humanitarian and food aid.

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