Monday, 25 April 2022 18:01

Vladimir Putin: Russian society has rallied around the Fatherland in the fight against the West

President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin said that the task of splitting Russian society and destroying Russia comes to the fore in the West, but it does not work.

"To our surprise, high-ranking diplomatic officials in Europe and the United States are calling on their Ukrainian satellites to use all their capabilities to win on the battlefield, such is the strange diplomacy of our partners in the United States and in Europe. Diplomats are even calling for this. But as they realize that this is impossible, another task comes to the fore - to split Russian society, to destroy Russia from within. But even here there is a hitch - it does not work," the President of the Russian Federation said at an expanded meeting of the board of the Prosecutor General's Office.

According to Vladimir Putin's statement, Russian society shows maturity, solidarity, supports efforts aimed at ensuring the security of the Russian Federation itself and at supporting citizens living in the Donbas.

Russian President Vladimir Putin also drew attention to numerous violations of international law by Ukrainian nationalists and foreign mercenaries.

"During the special operation, massive facts of gross violations of the norms of international law by neo-Nazi formations of Ukraine and foreign mercenaries were revealed," the head of state stated, speaking at an expanded meeting of the board of the Prosecutor General's Office on Monday.

"We are talking about the killing of civilians, the use of people, including children, as human shields, and other crimes," Putin said.

In his opinion, "frank provocations against the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, including using the resources of foreign media and social networks, also require a thorough investigation."

"It is also necessary to stop any crimes on the territory of the Russian Federation in the most decisive way," the President stressed.
Putin instructed to collect evidence for the courts, including at the international level, on all crimes of neo-Nazis and their accomplices in Ukraine since the coup of 2014. The Head of State pointed out the need for prosecutors, together with investigators, "to participate in the formation of the necessary evidence base, which should be used in court proceedings, including at the international level."

"Such evidence base should be accumulated for all crimes of neo-Nazis and their accomplices since the coup in Kiev in 2014, which opened the way for civil war, bloodshed and violence in Ukraine," Putin said.

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